Group work is just a waste of time and ideas

Group work is just a waste of time and ideas

In 2010 I struggled securering venues to host my events. Then I approached friends to say let’s contribute a little bit of cash together and build a shisanyama together and it will be our side hustle. Some just criticized the idea, while some agreed and never acted. I ended up taking a decision to do it alone and the idea became a reality in 2017.

In 2012 some professional players approached me to help as a graphic designer. As I was helping throughout the years inspired! In 2019 I officially launched my own soccer club. I’ve being sharing ideas with the mases on how to grow our football and players. Some will criticize and some will agree with my idea just to play. I decided not to focus on my community but focus on my soccer club and my players. In 2 years focusing on my club and players I archived so many things.

If you have big ideas, don’t share them with small minded people. Just take your ideas and run with them alone and you will thank yourself later.

Koe D’man

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