Future Bafana Bafana Defender

Future Bafana Bafana Defender. Top quality Defender trust me! Mokobo Mongalo (Musina United FC Defender).

I remember sending him to special trials and he got rejected! He will say “Chairman football is not 4me and I quit, the competition level I always compete with at trials is way better than me. The way I see it I’m just waisting my time in football”.

I would reply to him and say, calm down my boy! Rejection should motivate you to work harder and not quit. Remember quitting is easier but regretting is even more painful. Work hard on improving your game from what you learned. Don’t through in towel easier, things will work out soon if you keep focus and work very hard on improving your game.

Today at the age of 21 the boy is playing semi professional league and on the edge of making it to the professional league.

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